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The 100-metre high oddity to mark the ‘entrance’ to East London

Look at it. Just… look at it.

The London Gate

This is the London Gate. It’s 100-metres tall and has some sort of bizarre glass elevator attached to it.

Until I’d seen it had been posted on Londonist, I was almost sure this was a wind up.

They’ve described it as a set of giant goalposts – goalposts which will sit at the beginning of High Street 2012 – the name given to the road which runs from the City straight through to Romford.

Intriguing stuff, and for those of us who think it looks a bit daft, there is one saving grace: it’s only temporary.

But then again – they said that about the Eiffel Tower.

Dezeen » Blog Archive » London Gate by Donis.

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BBC News – How to stage the Olympics on a shoestring

London 2012: £7.267bn

London 1948: £730,000

Quite a difference. Back then they were told nothing new could be built, instead having to make do with improved facilities – such as replacing the dog track around Wembley – then the Empire Stadium – with a running track.

BBC News – How to stage the Olympics on a shoestring.

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Great programme about the Young Mayor of Newham

A truly wonderful piece of television from CBBC following the campaigns for Young Mayor of Newham.

You can read Kaycee’s blog on the London 2012 site, and I’m hoping to put a few questions to her myself very soon.

Above all, though, this programme shows that a lot of young people in and around Newham really do care about what’s going on around them.

BBC – CBBC Programmes – My Life, The Young Mayor of Newham.

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ArcelorMittal Orbit tower gets the thumbs up from Newham Council

Calling the ArcelorMittal Orbit controversial would be describing a pint in Covent Garden as ‘pricey’. In other words, a bit of an understatement.

For what it’s worth, I like it. And so too do Newham Council who today decided they would back the plans for the 114-metre high structure.

It looks a bit like a vuvuzela being strangled if you ask me…

Docklands24 – Iconic Olympic tower backed by local authorities.

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Pictures from the Mayor’s Newham Show

Cheese: All smiles at the Mayor's show

I wasn’t able to make it along myself, but it certainly looks like a good time was had by all.

Newham Council have put a selection of good pictures up on their website, you should go and check them out.

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DLR strikes called off


From the East London Advertiser:

It was called off after Serco Docklands management made “an improved offer” to pay staff for the extra workload and more responsibilities with the introduction of a third carriage to DLR trains.

An overtime ban due to run tomorrow has also been scrapped by the union.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “Our members on the Docklands Light Railway have stood firm and delivered an overwhelming mandate for action which has enabled us to negotiate this new and improved offer from a position of strength.”

He said he was recommending that union members accepted the new offer.

East London Advertiser – DLR strikes called off.

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