Olympics will be £200m more profitable than accountants first thought

£2.15 billion is today’s magic number.

That’s the amount of money predicted to be made from the Olympics. Significant today because until recently the total was predicted to be £200m less.

Golden prize: Getting more valuable?

The reason for this optimism? Well the Telegraph think it’s because of the hugely successful ticket pre-registration held back in March.

More than one million people expressed an interest in getting tickets for the events.

Which strikes me as strange grounds for propping up the projected profile estimate. Surely just saying you’re interested in tickets is like saying you’re ‘maybe attending’ on Facebook.

More often than not it means you won’t bother.

Add to that the fact that you’ll probably – as the Telegraph notes – have to pay for the tickets using a Visa debit/credit card, and the ‘I can’t be bothered’ mentality will soon creep in.

And as I blogged last week – there’s questions over the affordability of the tickets too.

Snuck in at the bottom of the Telegraph article was this interesting nugget:

Meanwhile, organisers are pressuring the IOC to help fill a £100 million technology black hole. They claim that having to work with the IOC sponsors is costing more than if they tendered for the work on the open market.

£100 million?! That seems crazy. I’ll try and look into this a little bit more – see what I can find.

London 2012 Olympics: Projected revenue hopes rise by £200m – Telegraph.

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