Council repossesses Stratford Rex

Stratford’s cultural scene is going to change beyond recognition between now and the start of the Olympic Games.

Council-owned club: uncertain future

Ill-fated club Rex might well be the first to get the revamp treatment. It recently came under council ownership after the previous tenants failed to keep up rent. Lester Hudson, Newham Council’s executive member for finance, property and assets, said:

“These tenants had neglected the premises and had allowed it to fall into a terrible state. This is not something that we could allow to continue. The Rex has a rich history and has played a prominent role in the area’s cultural life and we need to protect it.

“Stratford is currently undergoing an amazing transformation and we want to ensure that this historical building is part of this change by now finding a sustainable and worthwhile use for it.”

They’re not wrong. It’s a wreck. A shame for a building which has been around since 1896.

But what is a worthwhile use? Could we see the Rex return to being a theatre? Or is it better as a club?

I walked past the building last night to find stickers outside saying “All items of value have been removed”. Here’s hoping the council put some back in.

The Stage / News / Council repossesses Stratford Rex.

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