120,000 will use Stratford station at peak times

Incredible numbers.

Three years ago, 35,000 people used Stratford station in a single peak hour. That’s just under the amount it takes to fill nearby Upton Park, home (for the time being at least) to West Ham.

Stand clear of the doors: can Stratford cope?

Nowadays, that number has risen to 55,000. Or, to keep up the stadium comparisons, that’s a couple of thousand shy of a full Emirates Stadium.

I never thought it could be that many.

But by 2012, we’ll have enough to fill Wembley Stadium – and still leave enough to fill Blackburn’s Ewood Park.

That’s 120,000 people. Per hour. At peak-time Stratford tube station.

It is expected to level out to 80,000 – Manchester United’s Old Trafford – once the Olympics is done and dusted.

It comes at some cost. £200 million is the figure – with £125 million of that coming from the pockets of the ODA.

Our leader Boris said today:

“Thousands of citizens from around the world will descend on our great city in 2012 and my vision is that whether they arrive by rail, road or air when they get here they find an array of swift and efficient transport options to move them between our venues, attractions and hotels. Improvements like those happening at Stratford Regional Station, the doubling in capacity of the DLR and the superb new East London Line will be essential to the Games but are already delivering an early legacy of improvements for Londoners.”

Good news, though – the station updates that are causing disruption to us at the moment will be over by the end of the year. Progress!

The Press Association: Olympic transport upgrades ‘on track’.

Update: Rail-News.com has more information

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