The London Olympics in 1908 and 2012

Tom Wilts has written an ace blog about the differences between the 1908 Olympics – the last time we had them here in London – and the Olympics we can expect in two years’ time.

There are some great facts in there. For instance, London was in fact the second choice for the Games that year – as Rome had to pull out at the last minute. Mount Vesuvius had erupted.

The budget of the 1908 Olympics was a minute £80,000.

The Games were home to a few firsts. It was the first time the teams paraded around in the opening ceremony with their flags, and it was the first time a special stadium was built explicitly for the purpose of hosting Olympic events.

Bicycle polo, tug-of-war and motor-boating were all included in the 26 sports that made up the competition. And a stand out moment was Dorando Pietri winning the marathon despite collapsing no less than five times in the process.

He was later stripped of his medal after being helped over the line by officials. Crazy.

Anyway – it would be unfair of me to list any more of Tom’s research efforts here. So for loads more – take a look at his post.

The London Olympics In 1908 And 2012 | Tom Wilt News.

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